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2023-24 Release Updates

That Pack a Punch

New school year, new possibilities. We’re excited to see what’s in store for you and your students this year! Our assessments and supplemental intervention programs, digital curriculum, and instructional services are here to help. We’re introducing new enhancements and program offerings to tackle your biggest challenges, while improving your favorite features to make them work even better for you.

Edmentum’s programs—rooted in a rich base of instructional research and evidence of effectiveness—include robust, K–12 resources that teachers can use as the foundation of their classes or in blended-learning models to ensure that students master grade-level and course standards. Our curriculum, assessments, and services can help provide:

Enable growth and ensure proficiency with standards-aligned curriculum and resources 

Deliver mastery-based instruction, close skills gaps, and closely monitor progress 

Integrate assessment data to automatically create individualized learning paths

Intervention for All Students

Enable skill, unit, and credit recovery aligned to state and national standards 

Increase student access to expanded learning options with AP, CCR, and CTE 

Provide career-connected learning opportunities that prioritize real-world learning and career development 

High-Quality Digital Curriculum 

High-Quality Digital Curriculum 

One of the reasons that we are an A school is because of our graduation rate, our ACT scores, and the strength of our diploma [index], and it's because of these kids using Edmentum and catching up and us not letting them fall behind. So, it's saved a lot of kids.

Anne Burns
Curriculum Coordinator,

Caldwell Parish High School, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana

Innovative Solutions with Proven and Lasting Impact

A Closer Look at What's New to Inspire Greater Student Impact

Intervention for All Students

Maximize school resources and address staffing shortages

Deliver high-impact tutoring at scale 

Give teachers a second set of hands or additional virtual support during the school day  

Powerful Educator Supports 

Powerful Educator Supports 

Did you know?

XXXXX students in [STATE] used Exact Path during the 2022-23 school year to assess student learning, target instruction, and drive growth.

Over XXX students took Edmentum courses during the 2022-23 school year by [STATE] students in need of first-time credit or credit recovery solutions.

Completion of 8+ skills in Exact Path corresponds to sizable improved achievement on state assessment results, as a recent ESSA Tier 2 moderate evidence study found statistically significant improvement indices as high as 19 points.

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Our deep investment in the success of Georgia partners, educators, and students is the defining element of the Edmentum difference. With a continuum of proven learning technology programs and the expertise to understand district needs, Edmentum is the partner you can trust to deliver evidence-based programs that drive student success in Georgia.

K–12 assessment-driven instruction and intervention for academic growth with NWEA and Star integrations 

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Exact Path

Study Island K–12 Georgia standards of excellence-aligned practice, formative assessment, and Georgia Milestones preparation  

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Study Island

6–12 original credit, credit recovery, and college and career readiness

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Courses & Courseware 

High-Quality Assessments, Curriculum, and Services Designed to Support Georgia Districts

  Curriculum and Assessment Programs  

6–12 course acceleration and test readiness

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Apex Tutorials

Pre-K–6 foundational reading and phonics intervention 

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Reading Eggs

K–5 project-based digital curriculum

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Calvert Learning

  Instructional Services    

Maximize school resources, address staffing shortages, and expertly blend virtual and in-person learning during the school day and throughout the semester. Our instructional services are designed to amplify teaching practices and support your educators.

Virtual Learning

Sustainable, in-district virtual instruction with a state-certified teacher of record 

High-Quality Tutoring

K–12 high-impact tutoring, on-demand support, and small-group intervention  

Capacity Building

Wraparound supports, including grading, instructional coaching, and student success coaching 

See why more than 11,000 schools and districts partner with us nationwide.

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Academic Recovery

Get students back on track to reach their academic goals.

Release highlights this year include:

  • Exact Path Year-Over-Year Reporting
    Track big picture performance trends and critical insights to inform the quality of your program investment
  • Exact Path Literacy Assessments
    Universal screening for reading and dyslexia risk-factors to accelerate reading proficiency for all students
  • Courseware Middle School Course Enhancements 
    More customization, easier assignment submission, and streamlined grading workflows
  • Targeted Small-Group Instruction 
    An all-new virtual tutoring option led by qualified instructors to level up of your instructional day tiered intervention

Instructional Services  

When our teachers came back and said [Edmentum] is what's best going to meet the needs of our students, we were going to go in that direction and so that's why it rose to the top. Our teachers believed it would have the best impact on students.

Rod Ruth, Principal 
Clover High School, South Carolina

One of the reasons that we are an A school is because of our graduation rate, our ACT scores, and the strength of our diploma [index], and it's because of these kids using Edmentum and catching up and us not letting them fall behind. So, it's saved a lot of kids.

Anne Burns
Curriculum Coordinator,

Caldwell Parish High School, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana

  Where are we focusing our attention?  

Academic Recovery

Empower Graduation Success

Scale Intervention Programs

Access & Engagement

Expand Course Options

Build Early Foundations

Educator Capacity

Address Teacher Shortage

Save Teachers' Time

Access & Engagement

Give students equitable learning access that taps 
into their full potential.

Release highlights this year include:

  • Expanded Courseware AP® Courses 
    Four additional courses aligned to College Board® standards expands our AP catalog to 12 college-level courses
  • High-Impact Tutoring with Littera
    A new tutoring partnership supports intensive skills recovery through high-impact, high-dosage virtual tutoring that leverages Edmentum's powerful curriculum
  • Exact Path 3-5 Math Content
    11 new math lessons provide targeted learning in fractions, decimals, and the coordinate system to ensure elementary students are successfully prepared for middle school math

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Educator Capacity

Implement technology that works for you, instead of making you work harder.

Release highlights this year include:

  • Enhanced Virtual Learning
    Keep students in the building with certified virtual teachers delivering instruction aligned to your bell schedule
  • Exact Path Teacher Homepage
    Prioritize students for intervention with a new dashboard that organizes student achievement data by need
  • Copyleaks AI-Text Analysis Partnership
    Focus on academic integrity with AI and plagiarism detection for Courses and Courseware 
  • Courseware On-Target Grade & Editable Target Dates
    A brand new progress metric surfaces how students are performing based on how they should be tracking

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