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Looking to provide your students with fully virtual courses?

 Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy is a fully accredited K-career virtual learning solution partner that pairs engaging, age-appropriate digital curriculum with outstanding online educators, plus comprehensive student support services.

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Check out the Edmentum News Round up where you can learn the latest news we have gathered pertaining to COVID-19 and the impact on U.S. education.

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With 60 years of experience, Edmentum empowers educators to transform their approach and build school around the needs of each child. We partner closely with your child's district, school, and teachers to ensure they have quality assessments for learning, digital curriculum, and educational services. No matter what the learning environment looks like this year, you can enter the 202021 school year feeling confident that your child's education is in good hands. 

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Getting Started for Parents & Families

Want to learn more about your child’s Edmentum programs? We’ve pulled together several resources and tools designed for parents & caregivers that will support learning from home.

Reading Eggs

Study Island

Exact Path

Calvert Learning

Edmentum Courseware

EdOptions Academy

K–12 practice and standards mastery in math, ELA, science, and social studies

Pre-K–6 foundational literacy and comprehension

K–12 diagnostic-driven direct instruction in math, Language Arts, and reading

K–5, project-based virtual curriculum in math, ELA, science, and social studies

6–12 courses and digital curriculum in math, ELA, science, social studies, CTE, world languages, and electives

K–12 courses paired with a virtual teacher in math, ELA, science, social studies, CTE, world languages, and electives

How Educators Can Support Parents & Other Caregivers While Making the Transition to Online Learning

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"I wish every educator in the US could watch this webinar right now. Every panelist and guidance offered has been super insightful!"
- Noemi R, live attendee

A Parent Guide: Support Your Child During Virtual Learning

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This parent guide unpacks eight challenges you may be facing and accompanies them with best practices to help you facilitate learning successfully. 

FREE Printable Learning Tools

Offline options are great to have during unexpected school closures. All of our Edmentum programs include printable items to help you out, but we also rounded up some fun and free options you can download and print right away.

K12 Worksheet Bundles

The Edmentum Brain Game

K6 Downloadables for Holidays and Historic Dates

Edmentum at Home Bingo Cards

Educator-Approved Family Resources

Want to amplify school-provided instruction with at-home learning? These online and offline learning options are exclusively available to families to help students catch up or stay ahead.

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District Spotlight: Marlboro Township Public Schools

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Friday, March 13, 2020, was the last day of in-person classes of the 2019–20 school year for Marlboro Township Public Schools (MTPS) in Marlboro, New Jersey. While many districts across the country scrambled to figure out how to keep students learning in an online environment, for MTPS, the transition from in-person to fully virtual learning was seamless.

Meet Mrs. Kenon

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Check out what one of our EdOptions Academy math, German, and CTE instructors, Michaela Kenon, has to say about what motivates her to work in education, what her job as a virtual teacher involves, and why she loves working with EdOptions Academy students!  

Learn More About EdOptions Academy Teachers

Is your child using EdOptions Academy this semester? EdOptions Academy's 200+ full- and part-time certified, highly-experienced teachers are second to none. Our teachers work incredibly hard to ensure your child has a high-quality learning online experience.

"Every child has the ability to learn and succeed — watching that happen is my 'why.'"

Diane McRandal, EdOptions Academy 201920 Teacher of the Year

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Resources for Teaching at Home

Whether you may be playing the role of educator for a short period of time or are continuing as a more long-term learning guide, these resources will help unpack challenges that you may be facing in this new educational environment.

Principles of Teaching at Home: When Parents Become Learning Guides

Working from Home with Children Learning from Home: Building a School that Works

5 Things Parents Can Do to Support Students Learning Online

Keys to Successful Online Learning

Mom Enough Podcast

Back to What? The New Reality of Hybrid Learning

Market Scale Podcast

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Virtual Learning for Elementary Students: Does It Really Work?

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DownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadCourseware Getting Started

Edmentum Courseware

Study Island

Exact Path

Study Island Getting StartedExact Path Getting Started

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs Getting Started

Welcome to an existing year of virtual and blending learning. Whether you are a teacher in a district, a parent homeschooling their children or just an invested in a student’s overall learning, we have put together the following resources to support you through this upcoming year. If you are a teacher or parent looking for resources for one of district sponsored programs.  

Getting Started for Educators

K-5 Getting Started6-12 Success Zone

If you are using Calvert Learning or EdOptions Academy for your virtual learning needs, please visit the K-5 getting started page or the 6-12 success zone.

Reading Eggs & 
Mathseeds Workbooks

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Enhance learning with at-home online practice aligned to your state's curriculum standards.

K12 ELA, math, and science

Social-Emotional Learning & Mental Health

SEL is at the heart of how educators, families, and communities are partnering together to promote students' holistic learning and development. Below are some of our best SEL resources.

Using SEL Strategies to Navigate Times of Crisis

How 10 Teachers Are Supporting Social and Emotional Learning While Teaching from Home

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Build Your Emotional Vocabulary to Impact Learning During the School Year

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K5 reading and math

Explore full-color workbooks to support fundamental elementary skills.

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