Edmentum's 2021 Inspiring Educator Awards

Congratulations to all of our 2021 teacher and administrator award winners!

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Pair Exact Path + Study Island to Drive Growth + Proficiency

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3 Secrets to a Successful Implementation from Two Georgia Schools Blog

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Andi Kuyatt

Edmentum Courseware and EdOptions Academy have met our specific school needs. Courses have given many of our students the drive to complete high school for their diploma. For others, it has given them a way to complete high school in less time when circumstances require them to complete high school early. We are a school of 523 students, and in the past 365 days, we have had over 17,000 student logins and over 6,500 hours of student engagement with 10,758 modules completed. Additionally, we have had 2,900 educator logins with 887 hours of teacher time in the system!  

My Why: I lead our campus in serving our community and families. I am a problem solver and choose to be the principal at this campus to make their dreams a reality. 


Bishop High School, Bishop TX

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We are thrilled to announce and celebrate the 2021 inaugural class of Edmentum's Inspiring Educators, amplifying even more educator voices and incredible teaching moments in the process. 

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Criteria to Participate

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Report quantifiable student outcomes (e.g., diagnostic growth, standards mastery, credits earned, etc.)

Incorporate innovative and engaging teaching practices

Get to Know our 2021 Inspiring Educator Award Winners

Grand Prize Winners Will Be Announced on Friday, May 28, 2021.

Voting is closed for Teacher of the Year and Administrator of the Year. We will announce our Grand Prize Winners from our 2021 Class of Inspiring Educators on Friday, May 28, 2021.

Thank you to everyone who voted! Get to know and help us celebrate these Inspiring Educators!

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Angela Beasley

I scream, You scream, We all scream EDMENTUM! This year, in particular, we saw some wonderful successes using Edmentum Exact Path to assist in learning and growth goals through contests and challenges. Even though our first school-wide ice cream contest measured activities and not skills mastered the success showed on our Winter MAP scores. 

My Why: My students! I am blessed to see them every year from kindergarten through fifth grade writing different chapters in their Life-Long Learning book, chapters on independence, confidence, kindness, responsibility, GRIT, determination, and when they leave elementary school I know together we have started a beautiful story. 

Computer Lab Instructor

Ballentine Elementary, Lexington-Richland School District 5, Irmo SC

CC Lawhon

 I took the "fear-factor" out of being an independent learner. Edmentum programs help me structure curriculum, scaffold learning to deepen knowledge and understanding with repetition in multiple contexts, involve multiple texts, and focus on equity. Students build their skills in tackling new information, learn how effective notes work, and see results on their tests! 

My Why: I've developed the skills to help [students] understand how they learn, and how to learn in whatever circumstances they find themselves. When I see students' faces light up with understanding, their pride in themselves bursting out like a light that spans the whole earth and sky, all is right in the world. 

Language Arts Teacher

Tulsa Virtual Academy, Tulsa Public Schools, OK

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Cynthia Van Hoy

Reading Eggs supported my students as they worked asynchronously during the closure of our school... such an irreplaceable resource. Higher level readers refined their skills and discovered the importance of comprehending what is being read. Those on-grade-level practiced fluency and decoding skills, and my early readers discovered the joy in reading new text. 

My Why: Over 20 years ago, I began my teaching career in a small day care and have never looked back. Being around the children is uplifting and provides hope for the future. Each day is a fresh start! I love supporting my families and watching as students develop into lifelong learners. 


Baker Elementary, Moreland School District, San Jose, CA

Chad Bobb

Edmentum Courseware has helped us help students get back on track and graduate with their cohort. We continue to be named an A school from the State Department of Education. Currently I am working with juniors that are trying to graduate early!  

My Why: I enjoy helping people get their light bulb moment. That moment when things just click and they get it, whatever it is! While I seem to have grown some gray hairs, I really think that working with students helps keep me young, at least young at heart!  


Pike High School, MSD Pike Township, Indianapolis, IN

Dan Morris

CDLS manages and delivers the Colorado state supplemental program and during this most challenging last year (2020-21) CDLS was able to support over 66,000 student enrollments with the vast majority of these enrollments being in MS and HS core courses provided by Edmentum. Courseware opens up access to standards-based, high-quality, and well-designed online courses for students, based on their needs.

My Why: I “teach” because I have a fundamental belief that all students can learn and succeed given the support and time required. I teach because every student deserves the opportunity learn based on their interests and passions. I teach because I learn every time I go into a classroom, teach online, or sit down with other educators and leaders to find solutions that will support student learning. 

Executive Director

Colorado Digital Learning Solutions, Broomfield, CO

Denise Handlon

I, with the help of a wonderful team, have grown our small credit recovery program [using Edmentum Courseware] into a large multi-faceted program reaching all ability levels. A total of 88 credits were awarded my first year with just 12 courses. Last school year, we awarded just shy of 800 credits. During first semester this school year alone, we issued 1012 credits.   

My Why: I teach to help students succeed. I have no greater career joy than seeing a student who was struggling be able to graduate and walk across the stage. I meet kids where they are and do my best to get them where they need to be.  Watch Denise's video. 

Online Education Director

Avon High School, Avon Community School Corp, Avon, IN

Diane Bridges

Edmentum Exact Path enables me to plan using backwards design. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, I can be even more intentional with my instruction. I’m able to see a broad picture of a child academically then use Edmentum as a scaffold tool to zoom in on foundational skills to help each child grow academically.  

My Why: I want to be that safe haven. I want to create a learning environment that welcomes struggles, embraces needs, and inspires life long learners, not just for learning of books but learning of people and the power of relationships.  

ELA Teacher

Universal Institute Charter School, Philadelphia, PA

Gina Emery

Gina uses Study Island to prepare her students for the Biology EOC high stakes exam. Gina says Study Island gives her students confidence in taking computer-based exams. Her scores speak loudly: 100% pass rate on the Biology 1 EOC with 60% of my student achieving a level 5 (the highest level possible)

My Why: I teach to make a difference in this world. I want my students to leave my classroom and become scientists or at least have that desire. I try to foster a love for science. A passionate teacher accomplishes all of that. 

Science Department Chair

Niceville High School, Okaloosa SD, Niceville, FL

Jennifer Pontarelli

We use Edmentum Exact Path to track student progress in English language arts, reading, and math. This data is used to inform our Response to Intervention program and Enrichment program. We are so proud of how our staff is using Edmentum data to inform small-group instruction and intervention four days a week! Below-level students get the support they need, on-level students can practice current skills, and above-level students can be exposed to new skills. 

My Why: I teach because I love mentoring others and seeing others learn. My goal as an educator is to create a safe place for students of all levels to learn. 

Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction

Magnolia Public School, NJ

Jennifer Saine

In collaboration with building leaders and teachers, Jackson County School System uses Courseware, Exact Path, Study Island, and Reading Eggs to ensure their goal of personalized learning is met. Jennifer shares, "We are excited about our implementation successes thus far and anticipate the coming year as we continue to build capacity in our teachers and leaders."

My Why: Though no longer a classroom teacher, I still have a passion for teaching and learning. With a proven track record of fostering positive relationships and personalizing learning for students, I left the classroom with the hope of making a more widespread impact on teachers and leaders, indirectly reaching more students. 

Director of Personalized Learning

Jackson County School System, Jefferson, GA

Katie Hunter

Edmentum Exact Path and Reading Eggs have helped us ensure we are meeting the needs of all of our students. We use Edmentum to identify and fill gaps that students are experiencing, but we also use it to push all of our students to continue to grow. Edmentum allows our more advanced students the opportunity to extend their learning to even higher levels. We are able to truly identify student needs and use this data to inform our teaching and learning. 

My Why: I believe in the strength of empowerment. As an administrator, I want to empower my staff by supporting them, so they can continue to help our students find success. Watch Katie's video.

Assistant Principal

High Shoals Elementary, Oconee County Schools, Bishop, GA

Kristin Barr

Our team of professionals from instructional technology to curriculum and instruction to classroom teachers have been instrumental in utilizing Exact Path and Courseware tutorials effectively and meaningfully in their classrooms - virtual, hybrid, and in-person. Edmentum programs allow us to see true growth in student learning as well as where students still need to continue to work.  

My Why: I teach to make a difference. Being an administrator, I see the indirect effects of my work with teachers funnel down to their students. I working with people to have their "a-ha" moment and see what's possible, what they are capable of. 

Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Personalized Learning 

Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools, VA

LaVonne McClain

Halifax County Schools uses Edmentum to close academic gaps. Students utilize Reading Eggs to build foundational reading skills beginning in Pre-K, Study Island to support classroom lessons as a tool for intervention and measuring mastery, Courseware to supplement instruction, as well as provide opportunities for credit recovery at the high schools, and Exact Path to mitigate the anticipated learning loss.   

My Why: It is my role to encourage and engage students to want to reach beyond the bare minimum and explore opportunities through facilitation, conversation, and research. I hope to cultivate lifelong learners willing and able to make a positive impact within our local and global communities. 

Director of Student Information & Accountability   

Halifax County Schools, Halifax, NC

Lindsay Wilhoyte

Vigo Virtual Success Academy experienced an enrollment increase of 500% from the 2019-20 school year to the 2020-21 school year. Using EdOptions Academy, Calvert, and Courseware allowed us to provide quality education to students of all grade and academic levels. The endless communication between EdOptions teachers and our students and staff has been a proven factor in student success. 

My Why: It has been and will always be my students. I have always prided myself in being a positive role model for all of my students and showing them what is possible in their life. No matter circumstances in personal life or in our ever changing world, you can determine your future.


Vigo Virtual Success Academy, Terre Haute, IN

Lynette Brown

Edmentum programs have provided so many opportunities for success for myself and my students. In Courseware, my middle school students have learned about self-discipline and time management. My elementary students have earned all A's and B's in Calvert Learning. Students have also learned about focus and achieving their best through determination and perseverance.

My Why: I teach because I get to share my love for learning, connecting, and growing. I get to meet amazing students. I get to see how unique each person is. I get to experience the joy when a new concept “clicks.” I get to have days filled with sweet young smiles! Watch Lynette's video.

Virtual Academy Coach

Oakdale School, Edmond, OK

Molly Imes

Using Courseware for Algebra I allows Molly to teach the same content to all her students whether they are online, in-person, or offline distance learning. "Because of the content and the fluidity, I was able to transfer students from in-person learning to online learning seamlessly. In Accelerated Algebra I, 96% of students ended with an average of 86 or higher. When doing standardized test prep (ACT), the class went up an average of 9.6 points from the first week of class to the last."

My Why: Teaching is where I am called to be. Math, communication, that is all very well and good, but I know I am called to build relationships with these students. To be available for them whatever the reason, and to love and accept them without judgment. So "why do I teach?" Because I love.

High School and Dual Credit Teacher

Calloway County High School, Murray, KY 

Rick Place

I am the director of an alternative high school which was reformatted from the ground up in 2015.  We chose Edmentum as our sole content provider because of the flexibility it gave us in not only the way students engage with the curriculum, but also how it allows my staff to make adjustments to the curriculum to fit the unique needs of our students. Since restructuring, we have maintained a successful alternative high school and have nearly doubled our graduation rate.

My Why: I teach to change lives. I never expected to find myself working in alternative education, but because of this, nearly everyday I get to see lives changed by education. I couldn't imagine working with any other population.  


Vicksburg Pathways High School, Vicksburg MI 

Sarah Bankhead

Using Study Island to remediate and prepare students for state testing, Sarah said, "the kids had a BLAST competing [with] other 3rd grade classes while preparing for their own test. I also got to watch a student who started the year below grade level in all content, grow to grade level by the end of the year in almost all content on their NWEA path."

My Why: Our kids have been the forefront of our focus and our reason why. The "aha" moments. The feeling that you are that child's only security and comfort in their life and someone that believes in them.  

Third Grade Teacher

Strafford Elementary School, Springfield, MO

Tracy Williams

Using Courseware as the curriculum, Tracy said, "The questioning of “why” provided an avenue for students to think, consider, evaluate and analyze...All students engaged and interacting with the material have grown in all capabilities, writing, reading, interpreting, and formulating solutions."

My Why: I teach out of the passion for the subject, a call to connect and benefit youth, and to be part of a team that wants to constantly work at staying on the leading edge. [Speaking of her Social Studies Team:] We are inspired, which then translates to inspiring those we interact with and from our dedication will come our future world leaders, doctors, mothers, fathers, clerks, mechanics, partners and friends. We DO because, we ARE teachers. 

Social Studies Teacher

ASU Prep Digital Academy, Tempe AZ

William Green

Edmentum Courseware has been the springboard as the primary source of learning in all subjects for my sixth-grade class. It also allowed me to craft an Elective Wheel, which was unique for the sixth-grade classes. My students were able to explore a wider range of topics and interests due to my access to the extensive course catalog. In fact, we were able to offer American Sign Language along with French and Spanish for the language section of the Electives Wheel. 

My Why: I want to help develop my student’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing each of them to become the best possible version of themselves. Watch William's video.

6th Grade Teacher

Alameda Unified School District, Alameda, CA

Get to Know our 2021 Inspiring Educator Award Winners!

Andi Kuyatt   |  Angela Beasley   |   CC Lawhon   |   Chad Bobb   |   Cynthia Van Hoy     
Dan Morris   |   Denise Handlon   |   Diane Bridges   |   Gina Emery   |   Jennifer Pontarelli   
Jennifer Saine   |   Katie Hunter   |   Kristin Barr   |   LaVonne McClain   |   Lindsay Wilhoyte      
Lynette Brown   |   Molly Imes   |   Rick Place   |   Sarah Bankhead      
 Tracy Williams   |   William Green

Edmentum's Inspiring Teacher and Administrator of the Year Voting is Now Closed.

Voting is closed for Teacher of the Year and Administrator of the Year. We will announce our Grand Prize Winners from our 2021 Class of Inspiring Educators on Friday, May 28, 2021.

Thank you to everyone who voted! Get to know and help us celebrate these Inspiring Educators!

Edmentum's Inspiring Educators Class of 2021

Congratulations and thank you to our Class of 2021 Inspiring Educators! We celebrate you all and the inspiring work you do in education every day.

Edmentum's Inspiring Teacher and Administrator of the Year Voting is Now Closed.

Voting is closed for Teacher of the Year and Administrator of the Year. We will announce our Grand Prize Winners from our 2021 Class of Inspiring Educators on Friday, May 28, 2021.

Thank you to everyone who voted! Get to know and help us celebrate these Inspiring Educators!

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Thank you to everyone who voted. 
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