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Get to Know our 2022 Class of Inspiring Educators!

Jacob Bader

I am a passionate educator and an active participant in my school's leadership team. I work as an instructional coach, teacher, and mentor of student leaders. Additionally, I collaborate with others to engage and serve our community.

Social Studies Teacher
Early College of Arvada, CO

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Leah Blaze

I strive to be present. I spend most days in hallways, workrooms, and classrooms. What I love more than anything is seeing that lightbulb go on for teachers and students. Everyone starts somewhere with technology. Celebrating success is important. We can all embrace growth mindset; what matters most is taking a step further.

Coordinator of Instructional Technology
North Olmsted City Schools, OH

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Dr. Shuanta Broadway

I am unique because I am willing to take risks. I am not afraid to stray from my comfort zone. I've been brave, innovative, and focused and moved across the country to improve students' lives in a place where they do not see many leaders who look like them. I encourage leaders to contribute to conversations in different parts of the country.

Area Director
Salt Lake City Schools District, UT

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Dr. Andrew Cather

Edmentum has helped me reimagine how online learning looks shifting towards methods to help students dive deeper into the curriculum. As a driver of technological innovation in both my classroom and my community, I constantly seek ways for my students to showcase their knowledge not only to their classmates, parents, and teachers, but to our community and beyond.

Dean of Students
Clover School District, SC

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Amanda Hord

Along with being a classroom teacher, I work with teachers on an individual and small group basis. I offer graduate credit courses for professional development. I want students and teachers to learn together and use technology in efficient and useful ways.

Coordinator & Digital Literacy
Carey Exempted Village School District,  OH

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Dr. Stephanie Holmes

My focus is more than academic with our overaged and under-credited students. We ensure students social emotional needs are met, the curriculum and school culture is one of equity and inclusion and that we provide opportunities to prepare for their future once they graduate. 

Assistant Principal
Research & Service HS, NY

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Lori Graham

Being an administrator and educator in alternative educational programs has provided me the opportunity to inspire students who struggle academically and emotionally. It is rewarding to encourage these students and celebrate with them in their successes. I am glad my professional career took me down the rewarding path of alternative education.

Director of Virtual Learning
Washington Learning Academy, IN

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Trish Davis

I've taught my students the concept of neurocycle as developed by neuroscientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf, and how we are all unique. We've analyzed how we all think differently needing different things to focus and pay attention in the learning environment, so we can think clearly and close out a thought with application.

Special Education
Cushing Middle School, OK

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Also joining us at the 2022 Educator Summit



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“A quote stating why this conference will be great to atend and how it will help your business.”

Name and Last Name

“A quote stating why this conference will be great to atend and how it will help your business.”

“A quote stating why this conference will be great to atend and how it will help your business.”

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All talks will be held at the Granville headquarters at Madison 36th, New York City.


Thank you to all our partners that made this day possible. They deserve a grand aplause! 

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All talks will be held at the Granville headquarters at Madison 36th, New York City.

Congratulations to all the 2022 Inspiring Educators!

And the winner is...

Lauren Johnson

Inspiration stems from leading with love for the students, teachers, and communities I serve. Using a lens of both literacy and equity, my goals are to ensure all students are successful, and can make connections with their coursework and the world around them.

Secondary ELA Specialist
Arlington Public Schools, VA

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Dr. Lisa Logan

I have great empathy. I work mindfully to ensure students feel supported and encouraged and understand the importance of education. I take the time to care and to develop relationships. I listen, advocate, and brainstorm. Parents and students know the COA is a safe place to stretch and explore.

Online Academy Coordinator
Catoosa Online Academy, GA

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Alyson Perrin

My belief is that all students can learn and grow. Our students do this by knowing that we, as educators, care about them as people first. We must strive to meet our students where they are and provide the best opportunities for them. When we as educators know more, we can do more. 

Director of Elementary Education
Greenwood School District 50, SC

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Dr. Jessica Pilgreen

I cultivate divergent thinking in my classroom by using the Question Formulation Technique and Design Thinking Challenges. Both techniques have led not only to increased divergent thinking skills, but also greater student engagement and collaboration, which creates a positive classroom culture.

English Teacher
Wesclin High School, IL

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Rebekah Remkiewicz

I work to lead by example. I encourage thinking and promote curiosity. I give students room to explore while not leaving them drifting. I teach media and information literacy in unique ways bringing to life the curriculum so students can interact with it in different ways.

Educator & Author
Fusion Charter School, CA

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Kevin Torres

I am a big proponent of starting with relationship building. My career has been in alternative education which gives me a perspective many educators don't have. We should get to know students and understand their backgrounds. This is modeled daily through questioning and listening. 

Assistant Director
Bethel Acceleration Academy, WA

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Dr. Norris Williams

The level of communication and assistance we are able to provide is remarkable! By using EdOptions, I have gained a greater perspective as an administrator. I am able to create and monitor safe learning environments, encourage continuous improvement for teachers and students, foster open communication, and effectively meet the needs of students.

Clover Virtual Academy, SC

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Denise Handlon

2021 Administrator of the Year Winner

Online Education Director - Avon High School, IN

Lindsay Wilhoyte

2021 Teacher of the Year Winner

Teacher - Vigo Virtual Success Academy, IN

Tonya Davis

Presenter at 2021 Virtual Summit

Instructional Specialist - Allandale County Schools, SC 

Stephanie Harris

Presenter at 2021 Virtual Summit

Teacher - Virtual Iredell-Statesville Schools, NC

Alyson Perrin