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Diagnostic driven individualized instruction for K–12th grade students

Getting Started for Schools: Step by Step

You can also reference the full Admin User Guide and full Teacher User Guide as needed.

Get to Know Key Features

Resources for Implementing Exact Path

Learning Paths
Learn how learning paths work and what they look like for students.

Download the infographic

Accelerating Growth

Personalized Learning

Targeted Intervention

102: Data and Reporting

It's time to level up. In this recorded webinar, we'll dig deeper into the data Exact Path offers to learn how to use it, explore the grouping and assignment features, and discover how to drive student motivation.

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101: Getting Started for Educators

Get up and running. In this recorded webinar, learn how to create classes, review scheduling diagnostics, and explore important data views for both diagnostics and learning paths.

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Implementation Plan

Start your Exact Path journey here. 
Use this timeline to guide planning for your implementation.


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Enroll Users

Audience: Admin

STEP 3: 
Create Classes

Audience: Admin or Teacher

STEP 4: 
Schedule Diagnostics

Audience: Teacher
*If auto-schedule is enabled, skip. 

STEP 5: 
Explore the Student Interface
Audience: Teacher

STEP 6: 
Access the Help Center

Audience: Admin & Teacher

Support Parents & Families

Having resources to help onboard students and parents is essential to an effective implementation. 
Use these tools to connect with families.

Parent Introduction

Provide a parent letter in English or Spanish to introduce the program. Then, generate Login Cards by navigating to 'My Classes', 'Manage Classes', select your class, and then hit the blue button entitled 'Class Login Cards'..

Share Student Guides

User learner guides for the K–2 Exact Path interface and 35 Exact Path interface to help students and parents become acquainted with how to navigate the program.

Prepare for Diagnostics

Do students need to assess at home? Share our Exact Path Diagnostic Guide for Parents to make sure your students' families are set up to administer valid assessments successfully.




Need more parent resources? Get easy access to product overviews, teaching and learning best practices, and printable resources here.

Design Your Own Exact Path Contest

Use this flexible, six-step guide to inspire student motivation and drive learning outcomes, wherever class is in session!

Start Designing!

Make the Most of Diagnostics

Sensei for Families

Reach out to your child's teacher about getting subscribed to Edmentum Sensei for Families to gain access to your child's Exact Path data

Learn more about Edmentum's adaptive diagnostic assessments in this 12-minute overview video. If you are using one of our assessment integrations through NWEA or Renaissance, this section doesn't apply to you.

Knowledge Map & 
Current Activities

Discover how to monitor 
learning path progress.

Usage Reporting
See how students are spending their time in the program.

Uncover how and when to use assignments to support learning.

Create unique challenges to motivate your students.

Grouping Tool
Auto-group students based 
on skill readiness.

Measuring Growth - Dig into Specific Growth Guidance

STEP 2 (3 Options):

Integrate NWEA Data
Audience: Admin


Live 101 WebinarJoin us for a live presentation on getting started and exploring the basics.

Live Office Hours: Join us for real-time help focused on your specific questions.

Exact Path Back-to-School Planning Guide

Whether you're kick-starting a new implementation or reigniting an existing program for the new school year, make sure that you have what you need to effectively implement your online learning program.

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Live Office Hours: Join us for real-time help focused on your questions.

Register to attend weekly by heading over to the registration page.

[Blog] 4 Tips to Keep Students Learning This Summer with Exact Path

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Accelerate Learning this Summer

Accelerate Learning this Summer

Dig into resources to support your summer program including tips and strategies, schedule exemplars, and parent letters.

How much time should students spend in Exact Path?

Refer to Edmentum's Exact Path Dosage Recommendations from our in-house learning design team. This updated guidance takes into account your learning goal and implementation model to  help you design a personalized plan to achieve desired growth.

Research confirms that students who complete at least 8 skills show significant learning gains and with an investment of at least 20 minutes per session and 40-60 minutes per week per subject, students will be on their way to improving academic achievement!

DownloadRead the Blog

Orientation: Get to Know Exact Path

Watch an Overview & Demonstration

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Get the Under 
2-minute Snapshot

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Getting Started for Educators

Step One

Enroll Users
Learn how to set up your users appropriately to ensure all admins, teachers, and students have appropriate access.

Step Two

Set Up Exact Path Diagnostics OR Integrate Data from a Partner Assessment
Learn the essential first steps to setting up your account experience, no matter which assessment path you choose. Discover how to set up academic years, assign test windows, integrate partner assessment data.

Step Three

Create Classes
Administrators or Teachers
learn how to create and archive classes for a successful implementation.

Step Four

Schedule Diagnostics
Teachers using Exact Path diagnostic only
*If auto-schedule is enabled, this step is may be omitted.

Step Five

Explore the Student Interface
Review student login options and explore each available interface for students of varying grade levels.

K-2 Overview  |  3-5 Overview  |  6-12 Overview

Step Six

Access the Help Center
Administrators Teachers
Learn more about in-product help available to you including user guides, on-screen tours, and frequently asked questions.

You can also reference the Learn and Support site as needed.

Take a closer look at what we're launching to support you this year!

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Explore 2022-23 Enhancements

Explore 2022-23 Enhancements!

Explore our investments to make the program you love even better.

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Jump start your summer school plans with Why Should Educators and Students Use Exact Path This Summer? & check out the Summer Planning & Success Toolkit for more helpful resources!

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Exact Path + Standards Mastery

Learn More

Looking to accelerate growth & drive proficiency in your classroom? Together, Exact Path and Standards Mastery offer educators a powerful combination to ensure students achieve both higher academic growth and increased grade-level proficiency. Check out this new add-on coming to Exact Path!

Accelerate Learning this Summer

Support Skill Recovery this Summer

Summer school planning is here, and likely skill recovery and intervention are top of mind as a result. Enhance your summer learning program with these helpful resources:

Improved Getting Started Experience Now Within Exact Path! 

More details can be found in the new Exact Path Learn and Support site! Please bookmark this new link: Exact Path Learn & Support. This page will retire on November 1, 2023 and will no longer be accessible.