Everything You Need to Design Your Own Exact Path Contest

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Follow this six-step guide to inspire student motivation while increasing learning outcomes!

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This school year looks different for all involved. The way you engage your students to do their very best should, too. 

If your students could use an extra boost, use this flexible, step-by-step toolkit to create an exciting contest that will motivate and inspire your students as they achieve their individual growth goals!

Design your own Exact Path contest this fall and tell us about it for the chance to win $500 Target gift card for your school!

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Decide who will compete.

Are you organizing a contest for students across your entire school or district? Alternatively, do you prefer to keep your contest on the smaller side by challenging just your class or grade level?


Determine how long it will run.

We recommend running your contest for at least two weeks to give students enough time to make real progress in the program. A month-long or six-week contest may be optimal, with check-ins and leaderboards posted every two weeks!


Choose your metric of success.

  • One option is to challenge your students to work within the program for a certain amount of time. Exact Path research confirms that students demonstrate significant growth when they spend at least 30 minutes per subject, weekly, working in their learning path!

  • Another idea is to challenge your students to earn Mastery Trophies. Students receive a trophy each time they earn an 80% or above on a skill assessed in their Progress Check.

This built-in Exact Path tool allows you to create, assign, and monitor challenges all in one spot. Students will be notified of any new challenges in their learner interface. Challenges are most helpful for class-wide contests. 

The Learning Path Progress Report allows you to review progress for all students within your account. This area is most helpful for school or districtwide contests. Export as a CSV, so you can quickly filter to build your leaderboard.

Use these editable flyers to reflect the details of your contest and start sharing with educators and families!

Educator Flyer


Spread the word about your contest.

As you decorate bulletin boards and design social media posts to promote your contest, you may find these helpful.

Edmentum logoExact Path IconContest Badge
Parent & Family Flyer

Social media is a great tool to inspire participation! Following your district privacy policy, tag @edmentum and use the hashtag #exactpathcontest on your favorite social channel.


Encourage students to track their progress.

Motivate students to build on their successes using our customizable printable trackers. These are perfect for displaying on in-class bulletin boards or even at home on the fridge. 


Recognize your winners and reward success!

Print Customized Certificates

Exact Path generates built-in certificates when students earn trophies and meet challenges, but you may also want to customize your own certificates. Use these editable templates to award grand prize winners or recognize top classes, grade levels, or even schools.

Incorporate In-Person and Virtual Rewards

From free ways to recognize a job well done to small gifts and prizes, there are lots of ways to inspire and motivate your students to do their very best work.

9 Incentive Ideas to Motivate Students

Survey open through December 31, 2020. Visit the survey for more details.

Increase your chances of winning by posting about your contest plans on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 
Just tag @edmentum and use #exactpathcontest for additional entries!

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