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Looking to provide your students with fully virtual courses?

 Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy is a fully accredited K-career virtual learning solution partner that pairs engaging, age-appropriate digital curriculum with outstanding online educators, plus comprehensive student support services.

Project-based digital curricula for your K–5th grade students

Program Overview Video and Guide

In this video learn more about the structure of the program, the student experience, assignments, reporting, grading, feedback, student-teacher engagement, and more.

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Best Practices from Calvert Learning to Support Elementary Students

Learning in the elementary grades is all about interactive, hands-on instruction and collaborative experiences—which means school closures have been especially difficult for K5 educators to navigate. However, with the right teaching strategies virtual learning can be effective for elementary students. 

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Explore Calvert Teaching Navigator (CTN) 

Want to learn more about the Calvert Learning program? We’ve pulled together several resources and tools designed for you that will support learning from home.

Setting Families Up for SuccessAssignmentsReportingStudent Experience

A Parent Guide: Support Your Child During Virtual Learning

Virtual learning comes in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing every variety has in common is the need for parental support to amplify success. This parent guide unpacks eight challenges you may be facing and accompanies them with best practices to help you facilitate learning successfully.

Using Manipulatives at Home

Manipulatives can be almost anything! When asked to use specific manipulatives within Calvert Learning, encourage parents and caregivers to get creative. This video will help introduce families to manipulatives and shows them how to find creative solutions at home.

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Learning Design and Research

Calvert Digital uses the PLUS Framework to deliver high-quality curriculum. The framework consists of four elements: project, learn, use, show. The Calvert Digital curriculum brings the PLUS framework to life through principles of learning design featured in the work of John Hattie. Calvert Digital’s learning design is based on high-impact instructional practices identified by Hattie: explicit instruction, active learning, project-based learning, scaffolding, feedback, and evaluation and reflection.

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Utilizing Calvert Learning with iPads? Check out these helpful tutorials: 

Calvert on iPads - Genius     Calvert on iPads - Maestro

Additional Support for Parents & Families

Having resources to help onboard students and parents is essential to an effective implementation. 
Use these tools to connect with families.



Use the Educator and Family Onboarding Presentation to host educator onboarding sessions or family information sessions to introduce Calvert Learning.

Share the recorded program overview with students and families to give them an overview of the student experience. 


Share the Getting Started for Students, Parents, and Caregivers Page with families.

Share this document with parents who are interested in purchasing print resources for their students.

Learn More About Your SIS

Your student information system (SIS) is a critical component of how you will engage with Calvert Learning. Click on the links below to learn more about Maestro and Genius.  


Access Exact Path

As a Calvert Learning customer, you also will receive access to our K–12 individualized learning program, Exact Path, to support ongoing academic growth aligned to specific needs.

Get Started with Exact Path
Using Exact Path Powered by EdOptions AcademyGenius SIS Dashboard Overview

Calvert is a learner-centered digital curriculum tool guided by teachers and supported by families. On this page, access resources, tutorials, and guides to help your district, class, and students get started with the program and utilize it successfully.

To start, download the Educator Program Overview and watch the Getting Started as a Calvert Teacher video and the guide Planning Instruction with Calvert Learning to learn more about Calvert and how the educator, family learning guide, and student work together to promote success. 

Additionally, check out the Calvert System Requirements to ensure your devices are compatible.

Get to know Genius SIS 

Adding Individual Students

Learn more about how to use Genius, features and functionality, and general Q&A. 
You can also access our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers on demand.

Sessions run Monday - Friday, starting September 8th.

Genius Office Hours

Join! 8:30 AM EasternJoin! 4:00 PM Eastern

If your district is using Genius as its SIS, review the resources below to learn to navigate the administrator functions of the system.

Adding and Managing TeachersManaging Student RecordsTransferring a StudentRemoving a Student from a SectionIdentifying and Adding IEP DocumentationTeacher SIS (Genius) Overview

Join Enrollment Office Hours

We will cover setting up your Calvert digital data spreadsheet including how to write in your students, teachers, sections and enrollments. We'll also leave time at the end for Q and A.

Sessions run Monday - Friday, from 9/2/20 - 9/30/20.         The first session will be at 4 PM Eastern on 9/2            No sessions will be hosted on Labor Day.

Enrollment and Set-Up Support for Administrators

Join! 12:00 PM EasternJoin! 4:00 PM EasternGenius SIS FAQs



Students TabTeacher TabEmail BasicsSend Bulk Email

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

Tuesday, Thursday:

Download Genius User GuideTracking Attendance in Genius

Calvert Lesson Manuals are a print version of the online curriculum. These manuals are design to support Teachers and Family Learning Guides by providing:

  • Learning objectives
  • Required materials
  • Lesson text
  • Teaching notes

Virtual learning experiences are also referenced throughout the manuals. It is recommended that Family Learning Guides preview the virtual experiences before students start a given lesson.

Note: To ensure the highest quality experience, we continuously update our digital curriculum. You may notice some differences between the digital lessons and print-based lesson manuals. Previewing digital lessons in advance of learning is recommended.

Calvert Lesson Manuals

This guide for educators outlines what Calvert is, the roles of the teacher, family, and student, and how the program works.

View Learning Design Research

Parents, students, and caregivers, access resources on your getting started page.

What would you like to do?

If you need help with how to prepare you data files, please attend our enrollment office hours. We will cover setting up your Calvert digital data spreadsheet including how to write in your students, teachers, sections, and enrollments. We'll also leave time at the end for Q&A.

Sessions run Monday - Friday       

Enroll users in Calvert Learning

Join! 3:00 PM CentralInstructional ResourcesSubmitting AssignmentsIcons & Lesson ComponentsPerformance & Progress MonitoringNavigating ELA e-ToolsNavigation Math e-ToolsNavigating Science e-ToolsNavigating Social Studies e-ToolsAdding a Student to an Existing Section

Live Virtual TrainingWe'll go over logging into the system, basic program navigation, and cover how to complete common tasks.

Live Office Hours: Join us for real-time help focused on your specific questions.

1:1 Coaching Sessions: Schedule a one-on-one meeting with an implementation coach.

Navigating e-Tools GuideTracking attendance in CTN

What is Calvert Learning?

Calvert Learning Accommodations and Modifications