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 Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy is a fully accredited K-career virtual learning solution partner that pairs engaging, age-appropriate digital curriculum with outstanding online educators, plus comprehensive student support services.

Getting Started for Schools: Step by Step

Watch a brief overview to learn more about Edmentum Exact Path. 
You can also reference the full Admin User Guide and full Teacher User Guide as needed.

Learning Design and Research Base for Edmentum Courseware

Get to Know Key Features

Resources for Implementing Exact Path

Learning Paths
Learn how learning paths work and what they look like for students.


Personalized Learning

Targeted Intervention

Get Support 
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Enroll Users

Audience: Admin

STEP 3: 
Create Classes

Audience: Admin or Teacher

STEP 4: 
Schedule Diagnostics

Audience: Teacher
*If auto-schedule is enabled, skip. 

STEP 5: 
Explore the Student Interface
Audience: Teacher

STEP 6: 
Access the Help Center

Audience: Admin & Teacher

Learn more about the six foundational, research-backed learning design principles of Edmentum Courseware that support teachers and students in achieving learning outcomes.

Support Parents & Families

Having resources to help onboard students and parents is essential to an effective implementation. 
Use these tools to connect with families.

Parent Introduction

Provide a parent letter in English or Spanish to introduce the program. Then, generate Login Cards by navigating to 'My Classes', 'Manage Classes', select your class, and then hit the blue button entitled 'Class Login Cards'..

Share Student Guides

User learner guides for the K–2 Exact Path interface and 35 Exact Path interface to help students and parents become acquainted with how to navigate the program.

Prepare for Diagnostics

Do students need to assess at home? Share our Exact Path Diagnostic Guide for Parents to make sure your students' families are set up to administer valid assessments successfully.




Need more parent resources? Get easy access to product overviews, teaching and learning best practices, and printable resources here.


Edmentum Courseware 101 for Teachers

In this recorded webinar you'll learn everything you need to know to effectively use Edmentum Courseware in your virtual, hybrid, or in-person classroom this year.

Watch Now

Sensei for Families

Reach out to your child's teacher about getting subscribed to Edmentum Sensei for Families to gain access to your child's Exact Path data

Knowledge Map & 
Current Activities

Discover how to monitor 
learning path progress.

Usage Reporting
See how students are spending their time in the program.

Uncover how and when to use assignments to support learning.

Create unique challenges to motivate your students.

Grouping Tool
Auto-group students based 
on skill readiness.

STEP 2 (3 Options):

Integrate NWEA Data
Audience: Admin


Pair Exact Path + Study Island to Drive Growth + Proficiency

Combined, these Edmentum programs can help students meet individual academic growth goals and achieve standards mastery.

Read Now

3 Secrets to a Successful Implementation from Two Georgia Schools Blog

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Boost Growth + Proficiency with Study Island + Exact Path Recorded Webinar

Providing Individualized Learning Opportunities: An Arizona Customer Spotlight Blog

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Step-by-Step Guide for Educators to Get Started

Step Two

Create Your Classrooms
Site Coordinator and Educator
Create and manage classrooms for all of the organization. Alternatively, contact your support representative to create classrooms in bulk using 

Batch Import.

Step Three

Create Your Users
Site Coordinator
Learn how to create student and staff member users.

Step Four

Plan Your Curriculum
Site Coordinator and Educator

Identify Courses: 
Comprehensive catalog of all courses. 

Set Course Settings: 
Academic integrity options for classrooms, courses and assessments. 

Check Materials List: 
Comprehensive list of required and optional materials for students. 

Access Course Guides: 
Titles, descriptions, full syllabi, and condensed content outlines.

See Course Outlines & Guides: 
Detailed course outlines designed to 

facilitate curriculum alignment.

Step Five

Monitor Student Progress
Site Coordinator and Educator

Teachers, administrators, and students use the actionable data to interpret student progress and performance in real time and make informed instructional decisions.

Step One

Explore Your Dashboard
Site Coordinator and Educator
Understand how to monitor programs and quickly perform common tasks with your dashboard. 

Reminder: Make sure you're logged into your Apex platform to access in-app guides and links.

Designing Integrated Instruction with BASE SEL Curriculum

This day-in-the-life guide helps educators in virtual and blended learning environments understand best practices in designing and implementing lessons from the BASE curriculum. Dive in to read grade level and subject specific examples, and learn more about individualized or whole class integration.

Learn More

Register for Weekly Live Office Hours

Real-time help focused on your questions every week.  Register to attend one of the weekly sessions.

Deep Dive into Getting Started

Getting Started PDFs: Download a quick start guide for a snapshot of initial steps toward success.

Getting Started Online Guides: Log in to your Apex account, then select a Help Center link below for in-depth support.

Live 101 WebinarJoin us for a live presentation on getting started and exploring the basics.

Live Office Hours: Join us for real-time help focused on your specific questions.

Explore Pacing Guides for Your Needs

BASE courses can be completed independently by students or implemented as teacher-directed curriculum with integrated discussion. No matter how you wish to incorporate our SEL curriculum, we have flexible pacing guides to help you be successful! 

Essential Guides

Learn how you can effectively guide students through BASE courses within each CASEL competency area.

Use this guide to align BASE Education courses to the ASCA Student Success Standards.

See how BASE courses can be used within each high school grade level in alignment with key developmental milestones.

See how BASE courses can be used within each elementary grade in alignment with key developmental milestones.

See how BASE courses can be used within each middle school grade in alignment with key developmental milestones.

Meet Unique Learning Needs

Uncover how BASE courses align to drive essential elements of the IB Learner Profile.

Use this crosswalk to find alignment between the U.S. Employability Skills Framework and BASE courses.

Explore the different intervention pathways BASE offers to support MTSS or PBIS program needs.

BASEline Assessment: Getting Started

Watch Now

Start here: Watch this short overview video

BASEline Assessment: Getting Started

Getting Started                with BASEline

BASEline Assessment            Scoring Guide

 BASEline Course Recommendations


Test Readiness

Blended Learning





Uncover the learning design behind our Apex Tutorials and see what you can expect students to experience.

Tutorial Structure

Utilize Implementation Handbooks for Programs
Get insightful tips for effective implementation.

Summer Programs

Credit Recovery

Alternative Education

Utilize Best Practices for School Year Transition
Easily manage the transition from one year or reporting period to the next.
Log in to your account first, then select:

Follow this 6-step process 
for a successful 
school year transition

Jump start your summer school plans with our Summer Planning & Success Toolkit for helpful resources, blogs, and worksheets aligned to your specific summer goals helpful resources!

Accelerate Learning this Summer

Summer school is almost here, and likely credit recovery, grade transitions, and enrichment programs are top of mind as a result. Jumpstart your summer school plans with these helpful resources:

Support Skill & Credit Recovery this Summer

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